We help retailers to build delivery service from scratch.
Fully automated services, branded mobile and web applications, rich analytics and reports – everything is included.

We Will

Expand your presence

With our system you can extend your network much faster than by tradinional ways. Your save time and money and we take all heavy lifting.

Find the Best Locations

Our AI analyzes your area and finds the optimal site locations to provide the best delivery experience for its residents.

Optimize your Stock

Our intelligent system monitors the remaining items and notifies your staff when its time to refill. Your customers will never see "out of stock" message for their lovely goods.

Our Benefits

Automated Processes

From making order to receiving goods – human participation is minimal. We cover almost everything.

Fully Branded Applications

With DarkstoreApp you will get a fully branded mobile applications built with the cutting edge technologies. Your clients will never go back to your competitors again.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Our sofware finds the best route for riders. The delivery has never been that fast.

We Always Improve

Seriously. What seemed to be ideal yesterday might be obsolete today. That is why we work hard every day to ensure that tomorrow our product is still the best of the best. This is an endless loop and we enjoy being in it.

Why should you join us?

  1. You will be part of a team that creates innovative and useful products.
  2. We prefer remote work, not a shiny office with a 9-18 schedule. We have a full remote without time trackers.
  3. We value asynchronous communication instead of long exhausting meetings.
  4. We always strive to be on the cutting edge of technology and use the best tools for the job.
  5. We don't like to repeat ourselves, so we automate everything.
  6. We prefer to use industry proven available tools and services instead of building the custom solutions.

What we offer

Equipment and Devices

Don’t have a laptop? No problem, we'll give it to you. Or do you prefer to work on your lovely personal computer? That's ok with us as well.


24 calendar days + public holidays.

Probation Period

Up to 3 month, it depends on your progress. - Work Schedule. You are free to plan your working day as you want.

Sick Days

5 days per year without a doctor’s note, unlimited with the one.

Open Vacancies

Senior Ruby Engineer

Tech Lead

Ruby on Rails

Rest API, WebSockets

PostgresSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis

Location Services (Google and others)

Senior Frontend Engineer

Tech Lead


Rest API, WebSockets


Location Services (Google and others)

Senior iOS Engineer

Tech Lead


Rest API, WebSockets


Location Services (Google and others)